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Why Booking a St. Peter’s Basilica Dome Tour is a Must-Do

Vatican is the smallest state in the world, and although it’s technically located within Rome the city-state is completely independent. The Papacy, another name for the Vatican, is a very popular tourist attraction, not only for the Catholics but for … Read More

St. Peter's Basilica Dome Tour

Why Booking a St. Peter’s Basilica Dome Tour is a Must-Do

Every month, millions of pilgrims and visitors visit St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, one of the world’s holiest catholic sites. This beautiful cathedral, built atop St. Peter’s grave, is a must-see for tourists to Rome. The history of St. Peter’s … Read More

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Exploring Interesting Historical Facts About Rome

Adventurers and thrill-seekers who want to fly towards the part of the world brimming with ancient history can find timeless beauty in Rome. The “Eternal City” was built on centuries worth of Renaissance architecture, prodigal artistry, and deep-seated religion.   In … Read More

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Why You Should Visit the Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is Italy’s most treasured landmark. Lying in the heart of Vatican City, it brings millions of travelers to its doors every year. It has become one of the most visited landmarks in all of Europe. But what … Read More

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Best Things to Do in Rome When You Only Have Three Days

Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world, with over 9.7 million visitors per year. Considering how much culture, art, and history there is in one area, this isn’t surprising. There are numerous things to do when you’re … Read More

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2021 Vatican City COVID Safety Guidelines & What You Need To Know

The world is slowly recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. And the jumpstarting of the economy has led many countries to open their doors again for tourism. Of course, the Vatican is one of the countries you can … Read More